Doğan Aydın

Full Stack Engineer dedicated to building high-quality products.

Bandırma, Balıkesir, Türkiye



I am Doğan Aydın, a seasoned software developer with an 18-year track record of crafting innovative solutions in the dynamic landscape of technology. My expertise spans multiple programming languages including Go (Golang), JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, and Ruby, complemented by in-depth proficiency in frameworks such as Laravel, Nest.js, Next.js, and Ruby on Rails. My professional journey has been marked by a passion for freelance work, allowing me to engage with diverse projects and industries, each contributing to my versatile skill set. In my most recent job, I thrive in the stimulating realm of cryptocurrency exchange, where I leverage Go and microservices to create robust, high-performing solutions. Throughout my career, I've consistently pursued excellence by marrying cutting-edge technology with a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. I pride myself on my adaptability, commitment to clean and scalable code, and a collaborative mindset that fosters effective teamwork and project success. I am driven by the ever-evolving nature of software development, continuously seeking opportunities to learn, innovate, and contribute meaningfully to impactful projects. Currently, I'm exploring new opportunities to apply my expertise and contribute to exciting ventures in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Work Experience

Software Developer

During my senior software developer role at SuperPay, I spearheaded the development of crucial microservices. My focus extended to crafting cryptocurrency-related services, including accounting, gateway, real-time streaming, and HD wallets. In this dynamic environment, I contributed to the enhancement of SuperPay's technological landscape, ensuring robust and innovative solutions in the cryptocurrency exchange domain. Technologies: Go, Web3, Solidity


2022 - 2023

Software Engineering Manager

As a seasoned professional, I specialized in the development of cutting-edge Web3 technologies while concurrently managing a dedicated team of developers. My role encompassed leading the charge in the creation and advancement of Web3 solutions, ensuring the team's cohesive collaboration and optimal performance. Technologies: React, TypeScript, REST,Web3, Go

Bullseye Athletics

2018 - 2019

Senior Software Developer

In my role at Bullseye Athletics, the largest sports facility in my city, I led the development of a comprehensive system overseeing registration, entries, and prepaid cards. Key responsibilities included: - Web Application Development: Spearheaded the creation and maintenance of a robust web application for managing user data, ensuring seamless registration and entry processes. - Arduino-Powered Lock System: Designed and implemented an innovative Arduino-powered networked system of locks for locker cabinets, enhancing security and user convenience. - Mobile App Programming: Developed iOS and Android applications for customer self-service, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for registration and card management. Technologies: Go, Python, JavaScript, Arduino


2005 - 2019

Freelance Software Developer

As a freelance software developer, I've undertaken diverse projects across multiple domains, showcasing my adaptability and technical prowess. Here are a few highlights: - ** Custom Web Solutions:** Developed tailored web applications for clients, focusing on intuitive user interfaces and robust functionalities to meet unique business needs. - ** Database Design and Management:** Created and managed databases, ensuring optimal data organization and accessibility for seamless business operations. - ** IoT Solutions:** Engineered Internet of Things(IoT) solutions, including Arduino- powered systems, to enhance security and automate processes based on client requirements. - ** Mobile App Development:** Programmed iOS and Android applications, delivering user - centric interfaces for various purposes, such as self- service functionalities and data management. In the fast-paced world of freelance, I've continually leveraged my skills in software development and embraced new technologies to deliver successful outcomes for diverse clients. My proficiency extends across a range of technologies, including Node.js, Arduino, C, and JavaScript, ensuring that each project reflects both quality and innovation.